Many think that insuring and covering items for manipulation and handling risks during transport means wasting money and resources. You may be moving your household effects with the most recognized moving company, yet there is no possible way that one may foresee unanticipated incidents during manipulation, handling and transportation of your items.  For that reason we encourage you to insure your items for manipulation and handling risks during transportation with reputable insurance companies that we collaborate with like Chartis (European Branch of AIG) and Lloyd’s of London.








The insurance certificate will protect your shipment during the entire removal period and you may also increase the insurance coverage for any probable storage interval that may be anticipated.


Before initiation of your move you will be expected to fill-out a thorough valued insurance list.  The valued insurance list will verify the cost of reimbursement in the improbable incident of a claim.  Thus, it is very important that you comprehensively describe each distinct article together with its expected separate value. In the occurrence that an item is missing or spoiled beyond repair you will be economically remunerated based on the inventory’s declared value.







Provident Movers will not accept uninsured property for transport.


Should you not wish an insurance policy for your items then you are kindly requested to forward us in writing that you “do not wish to insure your shipment for transportation and handling risks during conveyance”.



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